WATERSHIELD FIRE Fire Resistent Siding and Roofing

WATERSHIELD FIRE Fire Resistent Siding and Roofing

With its unique production technology, Watershield FIRE is produced as 3-layer from the upper and lower layer POLYPROPYLENE (PP) and interlayer POLYETHYLENE (PE) raw material. Our permeable waterproofing cover is in fire retardant fire response class (class B1) is preferred for siding applications with its superior properties. Our WATERSHIELD FIRE RESISTANT product is produced with a weight of 110gr / m².



● In the siding systems, in conjuction with variabilty in application, joints has to be closed with strips by using a 10 cm overlapping share.

● WATERSHIELD FIRE has to be fixed to the profiles from the area indicated as overlapping share with dog nail or stapler. Packaging of the covers are 75m²-150m² and the area to be closed is 70m²-140m² ideally. After unpacking the products, both the product and the ground must be cleaned from dust and dirt. Upper surface of the covers have to be closed at least within 3 month (90 days). (UV additive (Resistance to sunlight) can be increased up to order-request and can be left open for longer periods.)

 Glass Frontages

 Wood Frontages

 Aluminium Composite Frontages

 It can be used on all frontages which fire probability



 Our covers which we present as home production offer superior performance in the class against fire. It is a leading product in its class. It has the future of drippage and smoke release. It is in A2-B Class and has d0 s1 property.

  With its superior permeable feature, it ensures to flow out the moisture in the structure.

 Completely waterproofing cover

 Wind blocking, hot and cold air efficiency

 Durable and flexible



Our products have 2 types of packaging dimensions, 75m² and 150m².

● 150cm (width) x 50mt(length) :75m²

● 150cm(width) x 100mt(length):150m²

Products can be stored on a dry and clean surface, if possible, on a pallet slightly higher than the ground, in a position horizontally or vertically. Storage areas and products have to be protected from sunlight.


Product Technical Information

Description of Product:

Polypropylene + polyethylene based waterproofing

cover used under disconti nuous roofing



Product Standart:

TS EN 13859-1: Flexible sheets - For waterproofing -

Descriptions and characteristic features of sublayers –

Part 1: Sublayers used for discontinuous roofing

TS EN 13859-2: Flexible sheets - For waterproofing -

Descriptions and properties of sublayers -

Part 2: Used as sublayers for walls

Intended Purpose:


Compliance Confirmation System:


Properties of Product


Reaction Agains t Fire

Resistance Against Water Penetration


Class W1

Longitudinal Traction Resistance

270 N /5cm

Latitudinal Traction Resistance

295 N /5cm

Water Vapour Permeability

0,1 s d(m)

Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Factor

145 ,0

Weight of Product (gr/m²)

110 g r/m²

Longitudinal Strain Failure

% 70

Latitudinal Strain Failure

% 87

Resistance against Longitudinal Tear

135 N

Resistance against Latitudinal Tear

135 N