WATERSHIELD 110 Permeable Waterproofing Cover

WATERSHIELD 110 Permeable Waterproofing Cover

With its unique production technology, it is produced as 3 layers from the upper and lower layer POLYPROPYLENE (PP) and interlayer POLYETHYLENE (PE) raw material.

Watershield 110 Permeable waterproofing covers are heat resistant. The unique 3-layer technology has waterproof property, though it is open to vapour passage. It is a popular cover and is preferred in ROOFING and SIDING applications.



● In the roofing and siding systems, in conjuction with variabilty in application, joints has to be closed with strips by using a 10 cm overlapping share.

● Packaging of the covers are 75m²-150m² and the area to be closed is 70m²-140m². After unpacking the products, both the product and the ground must be cleaned from dust and dirt. Upper surface of the covers have to be closed at least within 1 month (30 days). (UV additive (Resistance to sunlight) can be increased up to order-request and can be left open for longer periods.)

 Clamped roof systems,

 Supported and unsupported, ventilated and non-ventilated roof systems,

 Inclined roof systems,

 Cover under tile,

 Using under shingle



 Vapour passage

 Completely waterproofing cover

 Wind blocking, hot and cold air efficiency

 Durable and flexible



● 150cm (width) x 50mt(length) :75m²

● 150cm(width) x 100mt(length):150m²

*160cm x 50mt:80m²

*160cm x 100mt 160m²

Products can be stored on a dry and clean surface, if possible, on a pallet slightly higher than the ground, in a position horizontally or vertically. Storage areas and products have to be protected from sunlight.


TS EN 133859-1

Flexible sheets - For waterproofing - Descriptions and properties of sublayers –

Part 1: Used as sublayers for discontinuous roofing sheets

TS EN 13859-2

Flexible sheets - For waterproofing - Descriptions and properties of sublayers –

Product Technical Information

Description of Product:

Polypropylene + polyethylene based waterproofing

cover used under disconti nuous roofing



Product Standart:

TS EN 13859-1: Flexible sheets - For waterproofing -

Descriptions and characteristic features of sublayers –

Part 1: Sublayers used for discontinuous roofing

TS EN 13859-2: Flexible sheets - For waterproofing -

Descriptions and properties of sublayers -

Part 2: Used as sublayers for walls

Intended Purpose:


Compliance Confirmation System:


Properties of Product


Reaction Against Fire


Resistance Against Water PenetrationClass W1

Longitudinal Traction Resistance

270 N/5cm

Latitudinal Traction Resistance

295 N/5cm

Water Vapour Permeability

0,1 sd(m)

Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Factor145,0

Weight of Product (gr/m²)

110 gr/m²

Longitudinal Strain Failure


Latitudinal Strain Failure


Resistance against Longitudinal Tear

135 N

Resistance against Latitudinal Tear

135 N